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Saturday, March 28, 2009


Malaria is endemic in Cambodia and travelers to Cambodia must be aware of the risks and necessary precautions. The risk of catching malaria infections vary depending on the location. It is supposed to be lowest for Phnom Penh and around the Tonle Sap area. The above is a 2007 map showing the infection rates around Cambodia. Baray/Kpg Thom/Kpg Chham are not particularly infective - <3/1000.The recommended prophylactic medications are either mefloquine or doxycycline. Around the Thai border, there is apparently a lot of mefloquine resistance so doxycycline is preferred. For the dosage requirements, please check with your local doctor. For Singapore residents, the best source of information and assistance is the Traveller's Health & Vaccination Clinic at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital. They are extremely helpful and will help you with any other precautions, vaccinations you may need.

It is important to realize that drug prophylaxis does not protect 100%. It is advised that other precautions are probably more vital such as use of mosquito nets and mosquito repellents (DEET). I personally find the milder repellents you find in touristy places and pharmacies are too mild. Try and find those with at least 30% DEET. Throw away those gimmicky electronic repellents. They are pretty useless.

The mosquito that transmits malaria is the Anopheles, a dusk and dawn feeder. So avoid being out in the bush around those times. And try and avoid exposing skin.

If you do get infected, the illness usually does not manifest until at least a week after exposure. So if you do get fever before that it is not likely to be malaria. Usually for short trips, infection does not manifest until you are out of the country or home already. Any febrile illness after a trip to Cambodia should be checked form the possibility of malaria.


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There are lots of location in all parts of the globe that is truly affected with Malaria.

There are places that uses technology to prevent this disease. They also use elisa kit to know the substances and anti-bodies inside one's body.

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