Then the ones who pleased the Lord will ask, "When did we give you something to eat or drink? When did we welcome you as a stranger or give you clothes to wear or visit you while you were sick or in jail?"
The King will answer, "Whenever you did it for any of my people, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you did it for me." .......Matthew 25


Our current main projects are the School @ SokSan

But there are many other opportunities to help
  • Meal plan
We started providing weekly cooked meals for the students at Chhom Trach School in 2009. You can read more about it here.

The cost for providing such meals is approximately US$0.25 per child per meal.
Currently we are providing 100 child-meals per week, so the annual cost is US1300 per year.
  • Distribution of old clothes
Every trip we make to Cambodia, we take the opportunity to bring along approximately 20 kgs per passenger of used clothes and supplies. Please let us know if you have old clothes you wish to donate for distribution to the villages. Baby clothes are particularly useful.

Please just give usable clothes, and not those that are torn or meant to be discarded.
  • Educational materials
Because of our frequent contacts with the Grade 1-3 students in the schools, we also try and provide support to the schools in terms of educational materials. The schools are extremely short of supplies, so simple things such as writing materials (pens, pencils, rulers etc), books (reading and writing) and school bags are very useful. Some have donated used writing materials which we can bring up to distribute. Monetary donations are also useful as we can purchase these in Cambodia for distribution to the schools. Read about it here.
  • Educational support
We are always on the look out for needy students who just need that bit of extra help to get through school. Some of these may in the form of a small allowance, or a small 'scholarship'  to be able to go to school. A small grant to support a student to get a bicycle will allow the child to travel a bit farther to get to school.

  • Playground for schools

An example of how we do this here.

  • Microfinancing
We also lookout for opportunities to assist the villages in improving their ability to generate revenue. Possibilities exist in the form of purchasing farm animals, e.g. pigs, cows. Or for the fishing village we are involved in - in the form of developing means to farm fishes.

Please contact me if you feel you can contribute to any of these.