Then the ones who pleased the Lord will ask, "When did we give you something to eat or drink? When did we welcome you as a stranger or give you clothes to wear or visit you while you were sick or in jail?"
The King will answer, "Whenever you did it for any of my people, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you did it for me." .......Matthew 25

Friday, April 1, 2011

School@Andaut - an update

Andaut is the village that is the farthest East we have gone to, and farthest from the Tonle Sap. It is pathetically dry, and with poor agricultural land. We managed to excavate an open well in the land where the church has been built, but, where the school is supposed to be built, we have had no success putting in a drill well. The drill has managed to go down about 20ms, but had to stop as there was no more water to work the drill. The contractors will try again and hopefully they will be able to go down to at least 40m, where they expect water to be. Without the access to water, the building of the school cannot proceed.

So we wait.

Please pray for God's providence. And we are confident He will provide as He always has.

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